3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge


Toni Dove
with R. Luke DubBois
Executive Producer: Kim Whitener
Venue: Camera 12
Thursday June 5, 2008, 7 p.m.
Saturday June 7, 2008, 8 p.m.
Tickets: $10. Tickets Page

SPECTROPIA: A highly imaginative interactive cinema event, a “scratchable” movie performed by video DJs playing a movie “instrument”. Toni Dove’s sci-fi hybrid, features time travel, telepathy, and elements of film noir in a drama set in England, 2099 and in New York City, 1931, following the Great Crash. Spectropia, a young woman, lives in the salvage district of an urban center of the future, a black market hub of retro object barter. Using a machine of her own invention to search the past for her father (lost in time looking for a vanished family inheritance), Spectropia is accidentally transported to NYC in 1931 when her machine short circuits and she finds herself in the body of another woman – Verna de Mott – an amateur sleuth.

Live performers orchestrate onscreen characters through an original mix of film, performance and a unique system of motion sensing that serves as a cinematic instrument, creating a narrative form that is part video game, part feature film, and part VJ mashing. As performers bodies move onscreen characters, the audience will be able to see through a character’s eyes, hear their interior thoughts, and even talk with the characters. Dove, her co-performer Luke DuBois, the project software designer, and their intriguing interactive doubles will answer audience questions during the show.