3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

Opening Public Gala

Opening Night Ceremonies
Circle of Palms

Outside the San Jose Museum of Art
Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 7:30pm

A number of speakers, artists and performers will convene Wednesday evening to kick off the 01SJ Biennial Festival of Global Art on the Edge. The Opening Night Ceremonies will begin with Rubén Ortiz-Torres‘ performance of High ‘n’ Low Rider, and will include a talk by playwright Luis Valdez. The Green Prix Environmental Art award will be presented to HeHe, who will also present their award-winning project, Nuage Vert. Participating members of 01SJ Adobe Global Youth Voices, and We-C will demonstrate their community art programs.

After the opening ceremonies have concluded, the audience is invited to walk to the City Hall Rotunda. Artist Craig Walsh will be conducting a large scale projection on the Rotunda, entitled Incursion 37:20:15.71” N – 121: 53:09.51” W. There will be live music with the Mumlers and Mark Walker, from Applied Materials will also be speaking.

Festival goers are then invited to continue on to Eddo Stern’s Portal Wormhole Flythrough, an outdoor installation that replicates time portals existant in the popular imagination, on the SJSU campus. Here, artist and musician Tristan Shone will play his Drone Machines, industrial sound sculptures or interface devices that require significant physical interaction from the performer.

01SJ Opening Ceremonies
7:30pm, Circle of Palms (outside the San Jose Museum of Art)

City Hall Rotunda Lighting
The Mumlers 8:30 pm
Craig Walsh, Incursion

San Jose State University, campus side of MLK Library
Tristan Shone, Drone Machines 9:15pm
Eddo Stern, Portal, Wormhole, Flythrough 9:30pm