3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge


Jennifer + Kevin McCoy
Heaven/Hell, 2008
Plastic figures, custom electronics, video feed
01SJ Biennial: Superlight
San Jose Museum of Art
May 10 – August 31, 2008

Heaven/Hell is a hanging sculpture with live video projection. The project consists of a series of miniature human figures that will rise and fall through the vertical space. The figures are attached to small video cameras that transmit their images (shot against the background of light and architecture) to video monitors on the lower level of the museum. The project, evocative of Hieronymus Bosch’s depiction of heaven and hell in the Garden of Earthly Delights, creates a contemporary mechanized view of the metaphor inherent in rising and falling, up and down. On the video, figures are seen heroically zooming up toward the ceiling and then falling again. The looping, automatic procedure inherent in this process leaves open for interpretation whether the rising figures then fall in a tragic plunge or whether the falling figures are rising, redeemed.