3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

City Hall Rotunda Concert + Lighting

Craig Walsh at the San Jose City Hall
Large scale projection on glass walls of City Hall Rotunda
Music by the Mumlers beginning 8:30 pm
Wednesday June 4, 2008

Incursion 37:20:15.71” N – 121: 53:09.51” W continues Craig Walsh’s series of large-scale projection installations occupying specific sites and responding to contrasting environmental contexts. These urban interventions provide surreal visions of nature dominating architectural sites and altering their perceived function. This new project for 01SJ will continue this strain of enquiry whilst considering the impact technology might have on these simulated clashes between Nature and the built environment.

The Mumlers, a folk trio that ranges from eerie to highly performative will play a set at the City Hall on Wednesday.

“Their repertoire of instruments rivals any philharmonic’s and includes guitars, drums, upright bass, various keyboards, euphonium, French horn, trumpet, clarinet, tambourine, pedal steel, and recently, eagle whistles from Mexico.” -San Francisco Bay Guardian