3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

Target Family Day – Sa

Target Family Day in the Park
Plaza de Cesar Chavez
Sponsored by Target
Saturday, June 7, 2008
2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

On Saturday, June 7 a family-oriented day of music and interactive arts exhibits will be part of the exciting atmosphere in Plaza de Cesar Chavez, and the greater 01SJ festival in San Jose. Wine, beverages, hot dogs and ice cream will be available in this area. The event will take place inside the north half of the park and will include 5 bands playing on the main stage from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

15 interactive activities and classes will be held inside the park. These will include activities such as:

Friends of Ficus, Cathexispin
If every spinning class was connected to the grid, imagine the kilowatts of electrical power we could return to the community! To harness the transformative power of spinning-generated electrical energy, CathexiSpin’s classes will be free and open to the public. Each class will be led by an artist/spinning instructor, using customized bicycle generators. The energy created by the collaborative effort of the instructor and participants powers individual batteries that together, form an aggregate reserve of art energy.

Jon Brumit, South Bay Talent Center
Brumit’s South Bay Talent Center is an interactive project inspired by the idea that everyone is good at something. This project is part of Who’s On First? / What’s On Second? Passersby will be asked what their Talent is. They can talk about something other than work, and have their talent documented and their photograph taken. These will be displayed at a temporary gallery set up in a storefront on San Fernando Street between First and Second Street

Free Soil (Amy Franceschini, Corinne Matesich, Stijn Schiffeleers, Michael Swaine, Adam Wight), Free Soil classes
Classes will be offered in ecology and energy management by artists from the Free Soil collective based in San Francisco. This is part of their larger presence at the 01SJ festival that includes a 2 day Free Soil Bus Tour, and an exhibit in the 01SJ Biennial Superlight exhibition.

Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao, Ice Queen: Glacial Retreat Dress Tent
Lasser and Pao’s Dress Tent is a polar weather station and research lab referencing the globe/earth, global warming and glaciers. The Dress itself stands 14? in diameter! Festival goers are invited to crawl under her skirts and listen audio undercurrents of chirping crickets, and female moods relating to the current weather report.

Do-It Yourself Orchestra
This project includes a table with 6 chairs. Each chair has a turntable. Participants work with a leader to produce music that is then incorporated into a recording demonstrating the ability of diverse individuals to work on a project together.