3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

bulbo, San Jose: DIY Media Strategies from the Border

bulbo, San Jose
DIY Media Strategies from the Border

FUSE: cadre/montalvo artist research residency initiative
The James and Natalie Thompson Gallery
SJSU School of Art & Design
One Washington Square
Art Building 116

April 15, 2008 – May 16, 2008 and
June 4- 8, 2008

Artist talk with reception to follow
April 15, from 5 – 6 pm in SJSU’s Art Building, Room 133

In conjunction with the 2nd San José Biennial – 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge to be held June 4-8, 2008, the Natalie and James Thompson Gallery in cooperation with the FUSE:_cadre/montalvo artist research residency initiative, will feature residency outcomes by members of the bulbo collective. bulbo is supported by Galatea Audiovisual, an innovative communications agency localized around the Mexico-US border that is run by artists producing and managing creative ideas. bulbo’s principal members are José Luis Figueroa, Lorena Fuentes, Sebastián Díaz, Miguel Alvarez, Juan Navarrete, Paola Rodríguez, David Figueroa, Blanca Espana, Aracely Blancarte, and Omar Foglio.

One of bulbo’s projects in the field of new media practice is bulboTV, which produces collaborative public art projects exploring cultural, artistic, and daily issues. Each of bulbo’s projects allow people who in their daily lives do not pursue an art practice, take part in a creative process that is produced in an entertaining and non-prejudicial format.

bulbo’s perspective on broadcasting and its increasingly important DIY aspect provides grounds for significant artistic attention and intervention. The intent is for
Galatea/bulbo host a week-long workshop and create a permanent digital media outlet for youth working with CommUniverCity at the McKinley Neighborhood Center to tell their stories, concerns, and ideas in order to help their community. bulbo will provide experience in media production and work method to help the youth generate content that can have a positive impact. Their exhibition in the Thompson Gallery will act as a platform to showcase the stories of the youth, and through a video response mechanism will create a direct link between SJSU and the youth who live in the Five Wounds/ Brookwood Terrace neighborhood.

bulbo is in San José as part of FUSE: collaboration, the residency component of
FUSE. DIY Media Strategies from the Border will be on display from April 15 – May 16, will close down while SJSU finishes exams and end-of-semester business, and then will reopen between June 4 – 8 in conjunction with the 01SJ Festival.

bulbo, San Jose: DIY Media Strategies from the Border is a FUSE: collaboration, cadre/montalvo research residency.