3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

Core Memory/Peripheral Vision

Core Memory / Peripheral Vision features the work of eight of the most renowned digital Jacquard artists working today. These artists don’t celebrate technology with their digitally enhanced textiles; rather, they harness the technology to create mostly large scale explorations of the very personal: family and nature. From Lia Cook’s intricately textured self and family portraits to Bhakti Ziek’s painterly works that create a sense of three-dimensions with their merging of text and natural images, this exhibition shows a range of personal and artistic responses to developments in woven digital technology.

Digital Jacquard looms don’t weave for the artist; this is still primarily done by hand. These looms do enable artists to render any digital image in their weaving by providing a much finer-grained control of individual warp threads of the loom than can be managed by traditional weaving and human memory. Each thread is a separate element enabling unlimited possibilities for design and patterning. Core Memory / Peripheral Visions showcases interpretations of this provocative new technology in the skilled hands of talented fiber artists.

Many people believe that the original Jacquard loom’s use of punch cards for the storage and input of data influenced the early development of the computer. Charles Babbage himself owned a portrait of Jacquard that was created on a Jacquard loom, suggesting that the weaver’s work influenced his thinking.

  • Included artists:
  • Louise Lemieux Berube
  • Cathy Bolding
  • Lia Cook
  • Victor De La Rosa
  • Sheila O’Hara
  • Lisa Lee Peterson
  • Cynthia Schira
  • Bhakti Ziek