3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge


01SJ Festival and South First Fridays present SubZero
Friday, June 6th
South First St.
6:00 pm – midnight

Supported by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation for Intersections

On Friday, June 6, from 6 pm until midnight, arts organizations Anno Domini, Green Rice Gallery, MACLA, San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art, San Jose Museum of Quilts + Textiles, Space 47, Works San Jose and 01SJ Festival will all collaborate to create a huge block party that celebrates unique and emerging arts movements ranging from contemporary music, street performances, Do-It-Yourself and interactive, on-the-edge art installations. Over 50 artists and bands will participate throughout the evening. Wine coffee and light snacks will be avaiilable.

To get a sense of the imagination involved in these artworks, consider Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao’s Ice Queen: The Glacial Retreat Dress Tent. Lasser and Pao’s Dress Tent stands approximately 10 feet high and 14 feet in diameter; it is a polar weather station, research lab referencing the globe/earth, global warming and glaciers, with audio undercurrents of chirping crickets, and female moods relating to the current weather report.

Dozens of other projects and bands will be presented at the SubZero, located all along 1st St. This is one of the must-see nights of the entire Festival!

Music Schedule for the First Street Stage:

6:30p.m. – 7:15p.m. John Brumit: South Bay Talent Center
7:30p.m. -8:15p.m. The Genie, a scratch guitar
8:45p.m. – 9:30p.m. ChKnFsH, electronic sound and video sampling
10:00p.m. – 11:00p.m. The Fingerbangers, and turtables plus!

Music Schedule for the William Street Stage:

6:00p.m. - 6:45p.m. Dojo and Twitch
p.m. - 7:45p.m. DJORO11
p.m. – 8:45p.m. Stefan G
p.m. – 10p.m. BLVD with Souleye
p.m. - 12p.m. VJ plus Secret City Allstars

The following are descriptions of some of the artists that will be all along First Street:

Art Cars
“ArtCars are street–legal vehicles that have been permanently transformed into mobile sculptures. These aren’t parade– floats, they’re registered, insured automobiles that artists work on for years and exhibit to anyone who will look up.” – Philo Northrup, ArtCar artist, and ArtCar Fest Co-Founder

Onyx Ashanti
Interstellar Ribshack

Onyx Ashanti is of a generation of musician/artist born into a world samplers, hip hop, internet, cell phones and personal computers. An amalgam of tradition and futurism he calls Beatjazz. Onyx Ashanti’s Interstellar Ribshack concept is intersection of all of his inspirations into a cohesive whole. it is a next phase of the beatjazz aesthetic that is neither the beginning of the style nor it’s mature state. but rather, it is a step in BeatJazz’s evolution that tries to draw from the past, look to the future while enjoying its manifestation here in the present.

Thomas Asmuth

fontanaBot is a robotic artist which makes paintings in the gestural style of Lucio Fontana. Fontana is known as the founder of movimento spaziale, a mash-up of Surrealism, Futurism, and Dada and like the Silicon Valley can described as the synergism of temporality, movement, irrationality, technophilia, commerce, etc. The fontanaBot will be executing artworks during SubZero that will be available for purchase by the public.

Awareables: Conscious Clothing
Artists in Awareables: Conscious Clothing will demonstrate their creations in an informal and interactive conversation. Come to see Daniela K. Rosner demonstrate her amazing dress made of knitted videotape that itself tells the story of the knitter’s journey that it has itself recorded. Barbara Layne will demonstrate Jacket Antics, her remarkable electronic jackets that react by spelling words with LEDs when their wearers touch. FREE and Museum admission is FREE all day.

Jon Brumit
South Bay Talent Center
An interactive project inspired by the idea that everyone is good at something. This project is part of Who’s On First? / What’s On Second? John wil bring some of the winners of this SBTC prior to the Festival to the Friday event to perform.

DIY Media Strategies from the Border
bulbo is presenting a new commissioned work through the SJSU gallery. One of bulbo’s projects in the field of new media practice is bulboTV, which produces collaborative public art projects exploring cultural, artistic, and daily issues. bulbo’s projects allow people who in their daily lives do not pursue an art practice, take part in a creative process that is produced in an entertaining and non-prejudicial format.

Jason Cayabyab
Hall 2000 + 1
Hall 2000 + 1 is a laser light visualizer system that uses Apple’s speech recognition software, in which I will interact with my computer by performing famous dialogues from popular robot movies. Using that audio, I will project it with a laser light visualizer system.

In a time where nothing is familiar, and everything we know has been turned inside out, ChKnFsH emerges from the depths of pop culture, churning up melodic beats, overlaid with audio/Video-Sampled obscurities from the golden ages of visual Electronic information. It is an experiment to say the least. Former members of Catfive challenge the audience to remember what it is we are to do In the future, by studying sights and sounds of the past in a new context, presented in stunning 2-d Color video and Sterophonic Sound through the Catavision 5000 Samplereflector.

Jen De Los Reyes and Lori Gordon,
The Infinite Exchange Gallery

“Presenting works and services in exchange for non-monetary trades, artists determine what they feel the value of their work is, and what they want in exchange for it. This agreement ensures the cooperative collaboration that manifests between the artists, gallery representatives and the buyer. It is functioning outside of the art market constraints. No work in the IEG has a monetary value. The viewers are thereby invited to swap and potentially even haggle in exchange for what they want.”

Peter Foucoult, Robot Drawing Machine #8
– Attraction/Repulsion

Attraction/Repulsion is an interactive drawing installation that includes 2 self-propelled, motion sensor drawing robots. The outcome of this piece will be a complex, abstract drawing. The small robots change directions with noise and vibrations.

Free Soil
(Amy Franceschini, Corinne Matesich, Stijn Schiffeleers, Michael Swaine, Adam Wight)
Free Soil Bus Tour/Classroom Cinema

A journey through the history and currents of free education, counter-institutional movements and the economy of information in Silicon Valley + beyond. We will look at the history and currents of this region through the lens of free/radical education and forms of creative resistance. The tour will facilitate a collective learning experience through small tours, site-specific lectures, workshops, drive-bys, and leisure activities. The Free Soil Bus will be parked in SOFA and give classes and a cinema program.

James Freeman and Rova Saxophone Quartet perform

Inside MACLA Black Box.
In Flock, music notation, electronic sound, and video animation are all generated in real time based on the locations of musicians, dancers, and audience members as they move and interact with each other. Computer vision software analyzes video from an overhead camera to determine the location of each participant, and this data is used to create music notation for four jazz saxophonists, to render a three-dimensional video animation, and to generate an electronic soundtrack.

Friends of Ficus
If every spinning class was connected to the grid, imagine the kilowatts of electrical power we could return to the community! To harness the transformative power of spinning-generated electrical energy, CathexiSpin’s classes will be free and open to the public. Each class will be led by an artist/spinning instructor, using customized bicycle generators. The energy created by the collaborative effort of the instructor and participants powers individual batteries that together, form an aggregate reserve of art energy.

Future Cities
The mission of the Future City Competition is to provide a fun and exciting educational engineering program for seventh- and eighth-grade students that combines a stimulating engineering challenge with a “hands-on” application to present their vision of a city of the future. For SubZero, San Jose Middle School students will display the working-model cities that they entered in the National competition.

Graffiti Research Lab
The Graffiti Research Lab is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, artists, pranksters and protesters with open source tools for urban communication. The goal of the G.R.L. is to technologically empower individuals to creatively alter their surroundings on the scale of advertisers, corporations and the state in order to reclaim public space from both authoritarian and consumer culture. The group will rove 1st street, painting buildings with light in reaction to the crowd and to music.

Zach Houston
Zach Houston operates a performance/literature/business/art piece informally referred to as The Poem Store, a project that consists of selling spontaneous free verse composed on a manual typewriter at public events.

Ice Cream Social
Free samples of Sonoma County Goat Cheese ice cream will be available!

The Improbable Orchestra
The Improbable Orchestra (IO) is an interactive audio installation designed to make digital music accessible to anyone. It is a do-it yourself orchestra put together by attendees working turntables together.

John F. King
John F. King is a drummer/percussionist, street performer. Using pots, pans, buckets, etc, King can make sound out of anything.

Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao
Ice Queen: Glacial Retreat Dress Tent
Lasser and Pao’s Dress Tent is a polar weather station and research lab referencing the globe/earth, global warming and glaciers. The Dress itself stands 14′ in diameter! Festival goers are invited to crawl under her skirts and listen audio undercurrents of chirping crickets, and female moods relating to the current weather report.

M.Strange is a lone animator that creates strange new media for no reason other than because “aliens” from the year 3010 told him to. This animation expert allows passerby’s to build clay models and make animated cartoons!

Vivian Mak
An installation/performance taking place in a site specific romantic venue at night. Using video of cigarette smoke as a backdrop projected on a wall behind a small white cloth set dining table with candles and flowers. L’Amour is a performance piece reflecting society’s relationship with smoking and how smoking has implemented itself into our culture from movies to the need for smoke rooms.

Mario Ybarra Jr.’s Black Squirrel Society
A collective of DJ’s whose work elicits nostalgia through an eclectic range of obscure music. Featuring the Los Angeles based Ghetto and Autoe with special local guest Policia Juan Kamanney.

Travis Meinolf
Crystal Laser Kite Loom of the Future, Today!!

Using the most advanced laser technology I have constructed a weaving tool of utmost portability and simplicity. The experience of using the machine is the melding of leisure and labor, art and craft, the distant past and the ultimate unalienated utopian future!

Ali Momeni
Mobile Broadcast Units

3 bikes, traveling from Minneapolis will roam the streets and paint video messages on buildings. Their motto is, “Art for the People/ Art on Wheels!” Visit their website here: http://minneapolisartonwheels.org/

Geoff Morris
LIFE: A Live Simulation

A collaborative performance in which audience participants play the roles of simple networked computer programs in a live enactment of Cambridge mathematician John Conway’s cellular automaton, The Game of Life. By living as a computer program and enacting the cycles of death and rebirth in a community of automata, participants may come to a deeper understanding of the computational processes driving the technologies in and of our lives.

Julie Myers
Memory Maps of San Jose

Myers has been working through Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose (CDM) with families to create alternative maps of the City. Information about how to access these maps will be available at SubZero, or you may download them at: http://www.juliemyers.org.uk/memory.maps

The New Chinatown Barbershop
The New Chinatown Barbershop Gallery is pleased to present its first group performance exhibition as part of The Barbershop Quartet Series, curated by Karla Dia and featuring work by Saul Alvarez, IO and Ben, Caribbean Gragoza, James Melinat, Evelyn Serrano, Vickie Vertiz, and Mario Ybarra Jr.’s Black Squirrel Society.

Pecha Kucha
Pecha Kucha – an open forum for ideas on design, architecture and everything else creative – has swept the world in just four years. Pronounced “peh-chak-cha,” the mix of kindergarten show-and-tell, open-mike night and happy hour is taking place regularly in 100 cities around the world; it’s a must-attend for anyone wanting to be part of the local creative scene. The rules are simple: show 20 slides and talk about each for 20 seconds. Then sit down. Pecha Kucha nights from Amsterdam to Tokyo allow architects, artists, photographers, designers and others with an imaginative brainchild to show their stuff. Don’t miss it during 01SJ @ ___ from 7pm to 9pm.

Michele Pred
You are what you buy

Michele Pred will demonstrate how to interact with her 2D barcode based art and show viewers how to decode/scan 2D barcodes with a cell phone. She will also be giving away a limited edition 2D Barcode print titled “You are what you buy”.
2D barcodes are composed of black and white squares that encode the URLs to any website of creator’s choice. Through research Pred has discovered that these barcodes can be reproduced in a variety of materials and are still capable of being scanned with a cell phone. After recreating her 2D barcodes using an array of materials she encodes the 2D barcodes with text messages. She will be displaying a few of her 2D barcode art works using materials a disparate as sugar cubes, legos and embroidery thread.

Fanny Retsek
ICA’s Print Director will set up a T-shirt screen printing station, and street dwellers can print a T-shirt purchase shirt or can bring their own to print on. The design will be made by Joshua Swanbeck and commemerate the 1 year anniversary of the ICA in its new building (including the ICA’s new building), ZERO1, and the opening exhibitions.

Red76 (Sam Gould, Laura Baldwin, Gabriel Mindel-Saloman, Paige Saez)
Tool Shed Days

With Second Life as its jumping off point, the Portland, Oregon based arts collaborative Red76 has gone about utilizing the online collaborative platform as a means towards the investigation of past and contemporary radical social histories. The group’s aim is to look into how the public may access new media tools through the side door; developing new ideas and applications for digital technology askew from its creators original intentions. Red 76 will have various activities staged along First Street.

Lacey Jane Roberts
San Francisco artist Lacey Jane Roberts will knit at the street fair using larger-than-life needles made by the artist. In order to use the over-sized needles, Roberts will hand- spool yarn out of old recycled T-Shirts.

The Roll Up Bazaar
The Roll Up Bazaar is a community workspace, consisting of 4 main operations that create new from old: a Bicycle shop, Fabric workshop, Sales boutique, Resales outlet The bike shop takes apart old bikes and builds new ones. Tune-ups and repairs are also available. Bicycles are for sale, ranging from $10 to $600. The fabric workshop offers materials, industrial sewing machines and a screen-printing facility to members and volunteers. The sales boutique displays art and clothing created by members of the community. Some featured items are T-shirts, patches, ties, skirts, and pants. The resales outlet offers used items at a discount rate, diverting them from the waste stream and effectively giving them a second life.

SHARE San Jose
SHARE San Jose is the local chapter of a global organization supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities. Monthly meetings are held in and around San Jose, alternating between open jams and
informal get-togethers, and encouraging visual and musical experimentation. For more information, visit http://share-sj.org

Author & Punisher (Tristan Shone)
Drone Machines
Drone Machines are industrial sound sculptures or interface devices that require significant physical interaction from the performer. With durability and quality in industrial components ranging from robotics and automation all the way to older hand tools and musical instruments, these machines have
been designed to last and carry great weight and potential. Tristan performs as the lone worker in his doom and drone-influenced alter ego existence *Author & Punisher*, physically maneuvering about the control room of sound machines, backed by 7000 watts of sound, reaching deep into the innards where wood and steel join as flesh and bone.

Piotr Szyhalski

At the heart of the project is a series of leaflets designed (following the frameworks of military Psychological Operations manuals) by Piotr Szyhalski, and printed specifically for this installation. Specific visual and textual themes reference a broad selection of US and Coalition Forces leaflets, deployed during the Gulf War and the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.