3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

Twilight Zone

Shih Chieh Huang
Twilight Zone, 2008
Interactive, mixed media installation
Commissioned by ZERO1
01SJ Biennial: Superlight
San Jose Museum of Art
May 10 – August 31, 2008

Shih Chieh Huang writes of his new work “Twilight will look strange and sound blueish white Many creatures sparkeling, beeping, moving.” About his work in general, he writes:

My work focuses on exploring the unusual evolutionary adaptations undertaken by creatures that reside in inhospitable conditions. I create analogous ecosystems in my installations and populate them with organic living things made from common, everyday objects. I source my wholly synthetic materials from the mundane objects that comprise our modern existence: household appliances, zip ties, water tubes, lights, computer parts, cheap motorized toys and the like. The objects are dissected and disassembled as needed and reconstructed into experimental primitive organisms that reside on the fringes of evolutionary transformation: computer cooling fans are repurposed for loco-motion, Tupperware serves as a skeletal framework, guitar tuner rewired to detect sound, and automatic night lights become a sensory input.