3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

Orchard Art Space

Preview Gala
Orchard Commercial and ZER01: producer of the 2nd Biennial
01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge
invite you to attend a Preview Gala and Artist Reception
Friday, May 2

Join us as we preview new media works from the upcoming 01SJ Festival. The five-day festival, featuring digital culture, interactive performances, and new cinema, opens June 4 in downtown San Jose.

At the Preview Gala you’ll have an opportunity to view new media works and meet 01SJ artists.

The following works will be presented:

Fashionably Late for the Relationship, 2008, by R. Luke DuBois and Lián Amaris Sifuentes

On a traffic island in Manhattan, a woman (Lián Amaris Sifuentes) moves about her boudoir very slowly preparing for a night out, while city life bustles along around her. The original performance lasted 3 days. The film of the original performance algorithmically compresses 72 hours to 72 minutes so that Sifuentes moves at a normal pace while the city becomes a blur. The artists ask us to playfully consider time in the context of private space and of public space, how it might accelerate or abate.

Ice Queen: Glacial Retreat Dress Tent, 2008, by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao

Names of extinct and retreating glaciers, sewn on white flags, dangle from a weather balloon held by the “Ice Queen.” Lasser and Pao’s series of “dress tents” elide distinctions between performance and installation, and are documented by photography. Amidst the sounds of crickets and female moods, we can crawl into the Ice Queen’s dress, seeking weather data, solace and new ways to understand global warming.

Rising North, 2008, by Jane Marsching

Minimalist color fields represent temperatures for the next 100 years at the North Pole with colors ranging from pale blue at –37 degrees to warm orange at 9 degrees. While the projections create a color-filled, but empty landscape, an opera singer intones the headlines from Google News about the North Pole from March 21, 2007. The live opera introduces themes of range, degree and register, as well as suggesting an historic frame, bringing crafted emotion to drama that is played out on our screens, through our search engines and across history.

Abundance, 2006, Camille Utterback

Colorful fluid lines projected on the screen reflect pedestrian movement. Pedestrian trajectories inscribe the background of the piece, while web-like patterns emanate from clusters of people. Projected graphic elements bounce or change when they hit physical elements. Movements and paths become part of a collective visual record.

RSVP by April 18 to
or 408-955-1449 Friday, May 2, 2008
5:30–8:00 p.m.

Orchard Commercial
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