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aka.tv: Cisco Network Looking to Engage the Homeless

24 Apr 2008
San Jose Global Festival of Art organizer ZER01 are to exhibit the art work of homeless teens on the new “San Jose Culture Network” of digital signs, powered by the Cisco Digital Media System technology, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Centre.

The young artists, ranging in age from 14 to 24, have been attending weekly hands-on workshops staffed by new media artists at the Bill Wislon Centre, a non-profit community-based agency in Sata Clara County.

The artwork will be showcased across more than 20 large screen LCD displays in the centre and surrounding area as part of this year’s festival on June 4-8..


We like this story because not only is it a good concept in itself, but raising the profile of digital signage amongst the homeless has been a key factor in locating a number of missing people through the medium.

Companies like Community Channel Networks in the USA and UK have been building networks for local government that include the concept of emergency messaging – to help police forces and other agencies spread information on homeless or missing people. Images posted on the CCN network in the UK have directly resulted in a missing child being found.

On the other side of the equation – the FBI is also now successfully using digital signage to promote the images of people it wants to find.

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