3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge


Memory Maps of San Jose
Julie Myers
with Technologist: Dorian Moore
Project Partner: Children Discovery Museum of San Jose
Workshops dates: 31st May and 1st June
Start location: Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, 180 Woz Way, San Jose, CA 95110

In collaboration with local children and families participating in a two-day workshop, Julie Myers and Dorian Moore will create a series of web based maps that will guide visitors touring San Jose to its lesser known favorite spots, as determined by local city residents. Locations identified on these maps are not necessarily tourist destinations or well known public venues.

Locations found on these maps are significant because they are personal (secret) places, where city locals might stop for food, or to remember an event, or to meet a friend. Using images tagged with GPS coordinates, these personalized maps invite us to discover an alternative portrait of the City. After the workshop (see dates below) maps will be available for download at the following link: http://www.juliemyers.org.uk/memory.maps/

This two-day workshop is open to children 8 years of age of older, accompanied by an adult for the duration of the time.

To register or learn more, e-mail: artloftATcdm.org, or call: (408) 298-5437 ext. 272


Open Sim / Second Life Workshop
Friday June 6, 2008
noon – 2:00 pm
Ars Virtua & The CADRE Laboratory for New Media will host a workshop on open source alternatives to the Second Life(TM) grid, in conjunction with the 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge.
This two hour workshop provides an overview of open-source, third-party virtual-world server technology based on Second Life(TM), and the opportunities afforded to artists and experimenters who are now able to cheaply host tailored synthetic spaces.
The first hour will be devoted to a brief overview of Second Life and the “OpenMetaverse” initiatives (libsl, opensim, etc.) Bennett Goble of Ars Virtua will discuss features and show demos of the most popular alternatives (OpenSim, OpenLife & realXtend), their qualities, strengths etc.
We will consider the issues surrounding installation, maintenance and function of the OpenSim server and will be connecting participants through third-party clients and through modifications of the Linden Lab Second Life client.
During this session participants will have an opportunity to look at code, and to consider the space as a place for artistic experimentation and collaboration. Special consideration will be given to coding within the environment and control afforded by building and running servers.
We will also discuss the relative merits of running sims on cloud systems (such as Amazon’s EC2/S3) and instantiating a foothold sim for further experimentation.
For more information see Aldon Hyne’s ‘An idiot’s guide to OpenSim.’ (http://www.orient-lodge.com/node/2956)
“Typically, people running OpenSim set up a grid, similar to the Main Grid, the Teen Grid or the Beta Grids that Linden Lab runs.” – Aldon Hynes

The workshop will be held from noon – 2 p.m. Friday June 6 in room 237 of the art building on SJSU campus. This workshop is free and open to the public.

for more information visit the open sim page on the 01SJ festival site, and/ or contact gallery -at- arsvirtua.com

Adobe Global Youth Voices
(AGYV) Workshops and events
Saturday, June 7:

All workshops/events are free and open to the public. Sessions with an ideal number of participants listed, will work on a first-come-first-served basis. Locations for each event are listed with the descriptions The Adobe Global Youth Voices exhibition and programming have been
possible by the generous support of Adobe Systems, Inc.

13 Screen Video Workshop
with Carrie Dashow and one of her students from SUNY Purchase
Where: Meet inside the AGYV exhibition at The Tech Museum of Innovation
Start time: 2pm
Length of workshop: 3 hours
Number of participants: 18
Perfect for all ages…and really nice for youth to work in pairs with their peers or parents/guardians
Invoking an area through the viewpoints of the participants, the 13th screen is a unique multi-camera live and recorded editing system. Join us for a multi camera video shoot and introduction to this unique camera person-centric editing system. To be involved you must be on time.
Participants can work alone or together in pairs. Video novices welcome and encouraged!!

DIY Shoe Hacks and Audible Alarm
Workshop with Norene Leddy
Where: On Chavez Plaza
Start time: 4pm
Length of workshop: 2 hours Number of participants: 10 (if participants work in pairs, we can accommodate 20) Recommended that participants under the age of 12 years, work with an adult (there will be soldering/ heat guns involved)
In a two-hour workshop, Norene Leddy and The Aphrodite Project Team will present a brief history of shoes, along with a description of /Project Walkway/
(AGYV micro-grant project with Eyebeam in NYC) and demos of shoehacks. We will show 2-3 versions of hacked sandals, and explain in detail how they were created. This will include ways to make casings for electronics, secret compartments, etc. A shoe hacking article, written by the team and published in Make magazine, with detailed instructions for doing more elaborate shoe hacks will also be handed out. Participants will then build their own personal audible alarm systems to use when physically threatened. The same alarm is embedded in the demo/ /shoes, and can also be used in handbags, jackets and other clothing. This DIY alarm system uses inexpensive components and is easy to assemble (no soldering or special skills required).
Images of the audible alarm kits:

Demonstrations and informal presentations by Adobe Global Youth Voices San Jose and Bay Area groups:
Where: Inside the GYV exhibition at The Tech Museum of Innovation
Start time: 4pm
Organizers and youth from the following Adobe Global Youth Voices micro-grant projects will be present to demonstrate and present their work: Discovery Museum (San Jose, CA), Community School of and Art at /Finn Center/ (Mountainview, CA), Hot Sun (Nairobi, Kenya), MACLA (San Jose, CA), NEXMAP with the San Francisco Art Institute’s City Youth Program (San Francisco, CA),The Nueva School (Hillsborough, CA), Space 47 (San Jose, CA), UCR/California Museum of Photography (Riverside, CA).

Animating Archway (an AGYV microgrant project ): a live video projection performance
by Theresa Caruna on the exterior walls of The Tech Museum of Innovation
Where: Outside The Tech Start time: 8pm (immediately following the AGYV reception) Animating Archway is a project between Palmeda, the Better Archway Forum, and Islington Council to improve public perceptions of Archway, North London before it undergoes massive regeneration. The Animating Archway live video performance at 01SJ will use the surfaces of San Jose buildings and arches as projection surfaces to connect the audience further with the spaces around them and the content and issues of the youth involved in the project in the UK. The performance is created as physically and symbolically site specific, using live video from the site and video mixing software to further connect the creative process with the audience. The performance will present the questions inherent in the Animating Archway project: If people are the focus when property developers and government officials decide upon a cities design, what happens to the plants and animals? How can we reveal and represent this hidden, wild community, and transform the streets they are excluded from?

Other workshops/events During 01SJ
Saturday, June 7:

In addition to all of the music and performances that are part of Target Family Day in the Park (Saturday, June7th), fifteen interactive activities and classes will also be held in the park. These include activities such as:

Jon Brumit, South Bay Talent Center
Passersby will be asked what their Talent is. They can talk about something other than work, and have their talent documented and their photograph taken.

Do-It Yourself Orchestra
This project includes a table with 6 chairs. Each chair has a turntable. Participants work with a leader to produce music that is then incorporated into a recording demonstrating the ability of diverse individuals to work on a project together.

Friends of Ficus, Cathexispin
Each class will be led by an artist/spinning instructor, using customized bicycle generators. The energy created by the collaborative effort of the instructor and participants powers individual batteries that together, form an aggregate reserve of art energy.

Free Soil classes Classes will be offered in ecology and energy management by artists from the Free Soil collective based in San Francisco.