3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

Memory Maps of San Jose

Memory Maps of San Jose
Julie Myers
with Technologist: Dorian Moore
Project Partner: Children Discovery Museum of San Jose
Workshops dates: 31st May and 1st June
Start location: Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, 180 Woz Way, San Jose, CA 95110

In collaboration with local children and families participating in a two-day workshop, Julie Myers and Dorian Moore will create a series of web based maps that will guide visitors touring San Jose to its lesser known favorite spots, as determined by local city residents. Locations identified on these maps are not necessarily tourist destinations or well known public venues.

Locations found on these maps are significant because they are personal (secret) places, where city locals might stop for food, or to remember an event, or to meet a friend. Using images tagged with GPS coordinates, these personalized maps invite us to discover an alternative portrait of the City. After the workshop (see dates below) maps will be available for download at the following link: http://www.juliemyers.org.uk/memory.maps/

This two-day workshop is open to children 8 years of age of older, accompanied by an adult for the duration of the time.

To register or learn more, e-mail: artloft@cdm.org, or call: (408) 298-5437 ext. 272