3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

RFK Remix by Helena Keefe

Helena Keeffe
RFK Memorial Forum Remix
Performances: Saturday June 7th,
St. James Park

with the Vivace Youth Concert Choir, the San Jose Symphonic Choir, Dale Victorine, the Moonlighters, DJ Tommy Aguilar, and an ongoing invitation to participate.

In 1968, Robert F Kennedy spoke in San José on his campaign trail a couple of months before he was assassinated in Los Angeles. This occasion is marked by the Robert F Kennedy Memorial Forum, a concrete monument in the form of a speaker’s podium located in St. James Park. This concrete stage in the corner of the park is mostly neglected and forgotten, yet it calls out with great untapped potential.

According to the San José Historic Landmark Commission, The RFK Memorial Forum was intended to be used rather than admired from a distance like most traditional monuments. Keefe will be putting the RFK Forum to use by staging a live event there from 1pm – 3:00pm on Saturday June 7th (to coincide with the Zero1 festival – www.01SJ.org). These events will bring a variety of performances to the stage including musicians from St. James Senior Center, local DJs remixing RFK speeches and a choral composition created by local composer Dale Victorine using the quote found on the memorial’s placard. The choral composition will be performed by a mixed choir of adults and youth from Vivace Youth Chorus of San José and others.

visit www.rfkremix.info