3rd 01SJ Biennial September 2010

A global festival of art on the edge

In Conjunction with 01SJ Festival, Black Rock Arts Foundation to Display Giant Desert Zoetrope

Homouroboros, winner of Wired’s 2007 “Wow, did you see that?” survey at Burning Man, joins Festival line-up

San Francisco, April 23, 2008 – The Black Rock Arts Foundation today confirmed plans to install a 24-foot tall, 30-foot diameter zoetrope built by artist Peter Hudson as part of the 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge in May 2008. The art piece, called Homouroboros, depicts 18 life-sized monkeys swinging from branches and a serpent-like hand feeding apples to the monkeys.

The installation opens in the San Jose Discovery Meadow opens on May 15 before the Festival, and closes on June 15. The 01SJ Festival, which is North America’s newest and largest digit arts festival, takes place from June 4-6 in multiple locations around downtown San Jose and is anticipated to draw 20,000 people.

Hudson’s interactive sculpture, first displayed at Burning Man 2007, uses strobe lights at night to give the appearance that the monkeys are swinging through the sculpture. When installed in San Jose, the sculpture will include liquid crystal shuttle goggles, which will allow people to experience the effect during the day.

“Our mission is to place experimental, highly interactive artworks in public settings,” said BRAF Executive Director Melissa Alexander. ” Homouroboros combines a Victorian-era device with complex electronics to achieve a very modern visual experience. The audience must set it in motion by tapping on electronic drums at the base of its tree-like structure. We believe this blending of technologies combined with a participatory role for the audience will really appeal to Silicon Valley residents.”

“I’ve been chronicling Burning Man for 12 years never have I seen a piece whose combination of interactivity and visual, technical and psychological wonder captured more people,” said Wired writer Brian Doherty. “Every other conversation that week at Burning Man ‘07 would come around to: ‘…And have you seen those spinning monkeys?!’”

Hudson, who characterizes himself as a “blue collar” artist, is quick to point out that a community of over 50 individuals helped him create the work. People can see a video of Homouroboros in action. Additional images available.

Fundraising for Homouroboros is still underway for the May 2008 installation. The display is funded in part by a $25,000 grant from the James Irvine Foundation. BRAF has initiated a public fundraising campaign to raise the remaining $20,000 needed for the project.

About the Artist:
Raised in Ben Lomond, CA and based in San Francisco and Oakland, Peter Hudson channels his technical and set-design expertise, childlike curiosity, and creative passion into creating life-size stroboscopic zoetropes. Hudson has spent 22 years in the world of stage and set design, working with the San Francisco Opera, Ballet, TV and film. In 2000, Hudson began creating his own larger scale sculptural installations, debuting his first major installation, Playa Swimmers, at Burning Man that same year. In 2002, his work Possession garnered international attention for Hudson when it was featured on the cover of the Italian edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Hudson’s work continues to evolve, culminating in his recent debut of Homouroboros. For more information about Peter Hudson, please visit www.hudzo.com.

About Black Rock Arts Foundation:
The Black Rock Arts Foundation, a San Francisco-based 501c3 nonprofit organization, emerged in 2001 with ambitious goals in order to enrich civic life through art. Its growth since then reflects a spreading awareness of the benefits community-based art projects can bring to broader society. Art can thrive outside the walls of museums and galleries, in public places that encourage direct involvement with people who encounter it. The Black Rock Arts Foundation consistently seeks to include an expanding universe of people to participate in the creation, presentation, and experience of art.

About 01SJ Festival:
01SJ (www.01sj.org) is North America’s newest and largest festival of digital arts featuring transformative and provocative new works from world-renowned artists and performers at the cross-section of contemporary art, technology, and pop culture. The five-day Festival will incorporate exhibitions, films, concerts, performances, happenings, and nightlife occurring throughout downtown San Jose’s parks, public streets, museums, theaters, and clubs. From a hip-hop, multi-media meditation on Antarctica to robot art, from conversations with artificial intelligence to operatic performances of Google headlines about the environment, from avant-garde cinema to new musical forms – more than 100 projects will be featured at 01SJ. Festival organizers expect it to be a perspective-altering experience that entertains, enlightens, educates, and involves attendees in a new understanding of our changing world. 01SJ is produced by ZER01: The Art and Technology Network.